Monday 31 January 2011

Grammar 1: Penjodoh bilangan Bahasa Miriek



In this first grammar lesson we are going to learn about Miriek Classifiers.Classifiers in general are words or particles used in classifying things and events.In Malay it is called Penjodoh bilangan.

The Miriek Classifier is almost same as Malay Classifier. The selection of classifiers are however similar to the Melanau Classifers.

For example in Malay only one classifier Buah is used for fruits. In Miriek and Melanau there are two classifiers used for fruits.

The standard structure for Miriek Classifier is:

Quantity + Classifier + Noun

List of Miriek Classfier:
Classifier Meaning Usage example
tulloh body

For people setulloh iddéh (one person)
maddik tulloh idéh
(8 persons)
Bungon animal

for animal sebungon awu (one dog)

pat bungon awu(4 dogs)
tulaik seed

object, fruits, grains setulaik tejuk (1 egg)

debéh tulaik tejuk (2 eggs)
lang animal

for marine creature selang hutak
(one fish)

pat lang féyk
(4 Prawns)
batang shaft

for shaft-like object sebatang Ajjuh (1 woodstick)

pat batang Ajjuh
(4 woodsticks)
aok spoon

Spoons measurement seaok gulé
(a spoon of sugar)

pat aok gulé
( 4 spoons of sugar)
irés cuts

for slices seirés a'al
(a slice of chicken)

2 irés hutak
( 2 slices of fish)
tanen bunch

bunches like coconut,banana setanen Butan (a bunch of coconut)

pat tanen butan (4 bunches of coconut)
dahen stalk

stalk of fruits like rambutan, guava sedahen Abas  (a stalk of guavas)

pat dahen Abas (4 stalks of guavas)
ungon seed

for fruits like Pineapples,coconut,

seungon Bason ( a pineapple)

maddik ungon Butan
(4 coconuts)
gunik packet

for packages segunik beréy (a packet of rice)

pat gunik Tepong
(4 packets of flour)
iget ikat

for things that tied up seiget assang béyt
(a bundle of long beans)

pat iget ajjuh
(4 bundles of woods)

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