Friday 4 February 2011

Lesson 1: Greetings in Miriek

Today we are going to learn simple, and easy greetings in Miriek.

How are you?- Upaih kabal au?

I'm fine- Jék ajék.
I'm not feeling well- Koi o jék nyam.
I have a fever- Koi mahait.
I am sick- Koi sahait

What is your name?- Nyai adén au?
My name is... , - Aden koi...

Who is your friend?- Nyai labayék au?

Whoose son/daughter is this?- Anak nyai yén?

This is my friend. His/Her name is... - Itoi labayék koi. Adén yén...

Oh, I'm sorry I didn't notice you. - Nyum maap. U-oh itan au

It's been a long time since I haven't seen you- Bei ba o-temouh.

Where are you going?- Mayi pah au?

I just came from..- Koi dussuk tad...
I am going to...- Koi mayi gu ....

Where do you come from?- Au dussuk tad pah?

I come from...- Koi dussuk tad...

Where do you live?- Dipah au hegéd?

I live at.. - Koi hegéd gu...
I am living with..- Koi hegéd bayék..
I am renting a ...- Koi siwa...

What are you doing nowadays?- Upaih nidem au assau itoi?

I am working at..- Koi brejéh gu..
I am studying at..- Koi belajél...
I am still hunting for job- Koi asin muso rejéh.
I am doing nothing- U-oh naan upaih-upaih

I need to go now.- Koi awak lahau unnah.

Sorry. I am in a hurry.- Nyum maap. Koi gagew


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